Comprehensive software solutions for law firms

Stop wasting your team’s time by not accurately assessing the profitability of cases before taking them on. With our software, you can quickly assess cases and processed data to determine the potential value of a case.

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Firms will often spend significant time and money on a case only to find they need to settle the case unfavorably after the cost or exposure becomes too burdensome. Much of this could be mitigated with an effective case assessment.

With our custom case assessment systems, we’ll work with you to develop assessments that meet your firm’s needs, allowing you to evaluate the profitability of a case before taking it on, saving your firm time and money.

Potential features:

Custom assessments

Construct your assessment based on the type of law that you practice.

Add questions and create unlimited formulas to ascertain the most accurate outcomes on questions about a particular case or case type.

Administrative capabilities

  • Add attorneys and paralegals
  • Assignment control
  • Monitor performance
  • Measure results

Dig into the data

See results in real-time. Create filters to analyze data for a particular case or cases.

  • Export to Excel
  • Connect to CRM