Who we are

Gibbs Software Solutions is a Massachusetts-based consultancy that specializes in custom business software and strategy for startups and established firms. We have a simple core belief: humans and software can work better together.


Denver Gibbs


Denver Gibbs is the President and CEO of Gibbs Software Solutions.

As an established entrepreneur, Denver has led several local marketing and technology companies. In 2015, Denver founded Cube Chatter Inc, a software development company based in Braintree, which was later rebranded as Gibbs Software Solutions (GSS). The company builds custom software applications for small businesses.

GSS focuses on improving workflow office automation through custom software applications that become an integral part of a company’s value and assets. GSS provides software solutions for a number of industries throughout New England including construction, manufacturing, legal, and education.

In 2020, Denver and his GSS team launched their flagship lead generation and direct mail marketing product, Local Leads 365. Local Leads 365 provides new, accurate, daily real estate leads that can be leveraged by a variety of industries and professionals who rely on the business of new residential or commercial real estate owners. Businesses no longer need to rely on out-of-date, irrelevant, and stale leads when targeting prospective customers.

Denver is the Vice President of the Braintree Rotary Club and serves on the Board of South Shore Stars.

Marybeth Forbes

Chief Operating Officer

Marybeth Forbes is the COO of Gibbs Software Solutions, tasked with overseeing the day-to-day administrative and operational functions of the business. Her expertise includes employee relations, talent acquisition, training and development, and management.

In 2016, Marybeth founded Forbes Clean and Care to bring reliable residential and commercial cleaning services to Braintree and the surrounding communities. As a woman-owned business enterprise, Marybeth made a commitment to bringing professional customer service and satisfaction to the cleaning profession in her area.

Prior to founding Forbes Clean and Care, Marybeth was an experienced senior global equity trader for Batterymarch Financial Management. She was recognized for implementing cost-effective trading strategies through an exceptional grasp of world markets and trading venues.

Marybeth is an Honorary Member of The Boston Securities Traders Association. She is a Board Member of The Rotary Club of Braintree, District 7950, and The Gardeners Guild of Braintree.

In her free time, Marybeth enjoys spending time with her family, skiing, hiking, gardening and cooking. She is involved in various outreach projects in her community. She and her family are also fans of several sports.

Gennady Agranovich

Senior Software Engineer

With a blend of technical mastery and a commitment to helping small businesses succeed, Gennady leads our software engineering team. Gennady has over 15 years of experience in managing information systems and Cloud computing operations. Prior to joining Cube Chatter, Gennady worked for various technology companies in and around the Boston area.

With a goal to visit all seven continents, Gennady loves to travel and experience new cultures, especially when joined by his wife and young daughter.