Drive change across your organization.

At Gibbs Software Solutions, we engineer custom software to help nonprofit leaders manage teams, processes, and finances.

  • New digital fundraising opportunities
  • Automated, integrated workflows
  • Tools to measure impact and share it with the world
  • A stronger community of donors, funders, partners, and employees


Identify and tackle your pain points.

  • All of our projects start with a virtual or field visit to interview stakeholders, observe your team in action, and document your processes and tools.
  • Our audit report identifies redundancies, bottlenecks, and areas prone to error.
  • Get actionable insights and a plan for next steps.


Make your favorite apps work even better.

Committed to a third-party tool already, but wish it worked better? We can integrate your app or scale it across additional users or departments.


Strengthen relationships with donors, funders, and partners.

  • Use custom digital fundraising tools to meet or beat revenue goals.
  • Build dashboards for birdseye visibility into your donors and prospects.
  • Manage grants, fundraising events, and planned giving.


Maximize your impact.

  • Use data intelligence to prioritize programs for people who need it most.
  • Connect departments and team members so they can work with shared focus.
  • Document your impact to share with the community.


Streamline day-to-day tasks.

  • Automate and optimize bookkeeping, billing, and accounts payable.
  • Build tools for document management, inventory management, and project management.
  • Schedule staff members and assign tasks with custom calendars.
  • Track time and attendance across all functions.


See the status of everything.

  • Gain real-time visibility into programs, donors, and staffing.
  • Integrate past performance results with upcoming trends to optimize your business processes.
  • Build a suite of custom regulatory and compliance tools.
  • Improve board reporting.

Nonprofit Segments

We work with nonprofits in these areas:

  • Education
  • Environment and Animals
  • Health Care
  • Human Services
  • Labor Organizations
  • Museums
  • Performing Arts
  • Philanthropy
  • Political Organizations
  • Private Foundations
  • Religion
  • Social Services
  • Workforce Development
  • Youth Development

Your Nonprofit Technology Partner

Gibbs Software Solutions is a mission-driven software company with deep roots in the Greater Boston and South Shore community.

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